EPA Award 2017

EPA Award 2017

The European Parking Award has been established by the European Parking Association as a biennial award for excellence in parking. A prize can be awarded in five categories. The objective of the awards is to promote qualitative improvements in public car parking both on- and off-street. The contributions of the parking operation to parking policy, to Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and to urban development are important factors. In particular the awards seek to promote improvements in services provided to the customers and effective and sustainable management of the facilities.The awards also promote the development of good working practices in on street parking.

The winner in each category was presented in a special ceremony during the 18th EPA Congress in Rotterdam, on September 20, 2017.

The following projects were selected for the shortlist and the winning projects are marked with a *


cat project name country operator
1 Parkvogel D Global Parking GmbH
1 Parking Vielle Ville-Sablettes Interparking France
1 Q-Park Tapiola FIN Q-Park Finland Oy
1 *
Park Primo Maggio WINNER I Sistema Sosta e Mobilita SpA
2* Am Museumsquartier WINNER A Contipark International Austria GmbH
2 Q-Park Queen Square GB Q-Park UK
2 Underground car park Inter RO Alpha Parking S.R.L.
3 Barcelona's Predictive Parking Tool (UIS) ES Barcelona Serveis Municipals
3 Castel Gandolfo On-Street Project I S.I.S. Segnaletica Industriale Stradale S.r.l.
3* Remote Image Review for Digital on-street enforcement WINNER NL Egis Projects S.A.
4 PARKD B Pickmeup NV
4* Q-Park Cashless and Contactless Payments WINNER NL Q-Park NV
4 PARK & Go at Globen SE APCOA Parking Holdings GmbH
5 Brussels Airport co-branded Pcard+ B Interparking SA
5* Prevent Smash&Grab campaign in collaboration with the Amsterdam Police Department WINNER NL Q-Park Netherlands/Amsterdam Police/Municipality of Amsterdam
5 Q-Park Blogs - a pragmatic knowledge sharing platform  www Q-Park NV



EPA Award 2017    rules & regulations  
EPA Award 2017 entryform  
category 1 New parking structures assessment form 1
category 2 Renovated parking structure assessment form 2
category 3 On-street parking projects assessment form 3
category 4 Innovative schemes in parking assessment form 4
category 5 Marketing & communication on parking assessment form 5


Deadline for entries: closed