The Scope of Parking in Europe

The Scope of Parking in Europe

EPA has launched the project Data Collection to gain an overview over the basic figures of parking in Europe. The statistical estimation examines the number of parking slots in 23 European countries. The aim of the study is to obatin quantitative information about the number of slots to highlight this sector in Europe and their links with other activities. The project was technically supported by the Research Institute of Applied Economics (IREA of the University of Barcelona.

There is a total market of nearly 41 million spaces in EPA countries to which a further 190 milion can be added that are currently not regulated on our streets. Parking provides direct employemtn to close to 500.000 workers and the overall annual turnover for the European parking industry totals some 23 billion EUR.

On the occasion of the 16th European Parking Congress in 2013 the report "Scope of parking in Europe" was presented to the public.

Download the report (low res. 1,4 MB)

Download the report (high res. 4,61 MB)