Membership in the association

Membership in the association

There are two types of membership in the EPA:

Full Membership may be given to national professional organisations of a European country which serve the interests of the parking companies and which apply for admission. If an association of a country has been an EPA member already, no more than a second association of the same country may be admitted. If an association wants to become a member in the EPA application is informal. All full members send one delegate to the General Meeting. The General Meeting is convened annually and elects the Board and the Policy and Strategy Committee. 

Corporate Membership is open to the following organisations upon application: national professional organisations of European and non-European countries as well as natural and legal persons who are interested in the work of the EPA and who promote its goals.  

For further information please refer to the: Articles of Association


Are you interested to join the EPA as a member? Please contact the EPA Secretariat by filling in the contact form.