EPA has agreed a partnership and collaboration with POLIS, a network of European cities and regions working together to deploy innovative solutions for a more sustainable mobility. Since 1989, European local and regional authorities have been working together within Polis to promote sustainable mobility. With its Secretariat based in Brussels, POLIS fosters cooperation and partnership across Europe with the aim of making transport research and innovation accessible to cities and regions.
To create a better understanding between the different actors in parking activities, the European Parking Association (EPA) and Polis have established a partnership to discuss the interaction of urban transport and parking activities.


Both organisations regularly exchange information and expertise about making parking in cities better. As part of their creating an interchange of ideas,
Polis and EPA have organised regular workshops since 2011.

The last joined event was an online working session on December 17, 2020 with the topic of Flexible Acces amd Space Management.

Previous events and documents:

9. EPA POLIS Working Session
Flexible Access & Space Management
December 17, 2020, Online
8. EPA POLIS workshop
Parking Innovation

September 13, 2018, Prague, Czech Republic
7. EPA POLIS workshop in Rotterdam together with CROW
Parking and behaviour
September 19, 2017, Rotterdam
6. EPA POLIS Parking workshop
in combination with 1st International Parking and Urban Mobility Seminar and Push&Pull training

September 15-16, 2016, Krakow, Poland
5. EPA POLIS Parking workshop in Berlin, September 23, 2015
"Smart Parking- Technology meets Policy"
in cooperation with the Push&Pull project and DIFU
4. EPA POLIS Parking workshop in Lisbon, September 18, 2014
"Towards standardised approaches of on-street parking"
pdf 3. EPA POLIS Parking workshop in Dublin, Sept. 10, 2013 "How can we make on-street parking a success"
Dublin, Ireland 10th September 2013
pdf 2. EPA-POLIS Parking Workshop "How can we be better"
Helsinki, Finland 20th September 2012
pdf 2. EPA POLIS Parking Workshop "How can we be better"
Helsinki, Finland 20th September 20, 2012  Agenda
pdf Parking as a tool to manage urban access and mobility, Peter Martens
POLIS Annual Conference 2011 Session 4 B
pdf Information and communication technologies applied to urban parking management in Lisbon
Tiago Farias, POLIS Annual Conference 2011, Session 4 B
pdf New Sofia Parking Policy, Lucia Ilieva, POLIS Annual Conference, Session 4 B
pdf Parking, mobility and retail: an uneasy relationship?
Giuliano Mingardo, POLIS Annual Conference Session 4 B
pdf 2011 POLIS Annual Conference, November 29-30, Brussles, Draft Programme
pdf 1. EPA POLIS Parking workshop, 17th May 2011, Stuttgart, Germany, agenda
pdf "Flow?Destination!" Paper by Polis working group 2009