Scientific and Technical Committee 2017

Scientific and Technical Committee 2017

The themes of the EPA congress and the contents of the scientific program resulted from the activity of the Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) composed of academic, parking, mobility and industrial experts from 9 different European countries.

This committee is asked to examine the evolutionary process of new ways of using and managing the cities considering the related parking management contribution concentrating on strategical, economical, communicational and technological notions with the goal of illustrating the extent to which parking is and can be an integral part of efficient cities.

Call for abstracts for presentations - call is closed

Members of the STC committee for the EPA congress 2017

Laurence A. Bannerman, EPA president, Italy, chairman of the STC 
Willem-Jan Balk, Skidata, The Netherlands, equipment supplier
Joao Caetano Dias, empark, Portugal, parking operator
Ivo Crè, POLIS network, Belgium, European city network
Peter Dingemans, parkassist, The Netherlands, parking technology
David Kownator, infraparkdigital, France, parking technolgy
Nick Lester-Davis, ERTRAC, Great Britain, EU Technology Platform
Peter Martens, Q-Park EPA and VEXPAN, The Netherlands, Parking Intelligence
Fuensanta Martinez Sans, ACEA, Brussels, European Automobile Manufacturers Association
Giuliano Mingardo, Erasmus University, The Netherlands, Data Elaboration
Antonio Musso, University La Sapienza, Italy, International Mobility Network
Andrzej Szarata, University of Technology Krakow, Poland, CEE Trends
Gerry Trost-Heutmekers, EPA and BV Parken, Germany, Secretary General EPA and BV Parken
Ed van Savooyen, Spark Parkeren and Vexpan, The Netherlands, Parking Consultancy