EPA Awards 2021/2022

The European Parking Award has been established by the European Parking Association as a biennual award for excellence in parking. A prize can be awarded in five categories. The EPA Awards promote qualitative improvements in public car parking both on- and off-street. The contributions of the parking operation to parking policy, to sustainable urban mobility plans and to urban development are important factors. In particular the awards seek to promote improvements in services provided to the customers and effective and sustainable management of the facilities. They also promote the development of good working practices in on-street parking. 

The winner in each category will be presented in a special ceremony during the 20th EPA Congress in Brussels, on September 13, 2022.

Categories and Winners:

Category 1 - New Parking Structures "Parking Confluence", Interparking, Namur (Belgium)
Category 2 - Renovated Parking Structures

"Inovil", Inovil, Lausanne (Switzerland)

Category 3 - On-Street Parking Projects "Milan: Parking and Mobility Ecosystem", Azienda Trasporti Milanesi, Milan (Italy)
Category 4 - Innovative Schemes in Parking (2021) "Partnerships - digital innovative mobility solutions", Q-Park Belgium, Zaventem (Belgium)
Category 4 - Innovative Schemes in Parking (2022) "Mon-Marche.fr logistics hubs in INDIGO underground car parks", INDIGO Park, Paris (France)
Category 5  - Marketing & Communication on Parking (2021) "LiveSommer2020", APCOA PARKING Deutschland, Stuttgart (Germany)
Category 5  - Marketing & Communication on Parking (2022) "INDIGO Group Sustainable development brochure 2021", INDIGO Park, Paris (France)


Shortlist Categories 1, 2 and 3 Awards 2021/2022 
cat project name Company country city
1 Interparking Boulevard Interparking Nederland  Netherlands The Hague
1 Parking Confluence *WINNER* Interparking SA Belgium Namur
1 Parking Termini Train Station Grandi Stazioni Rail S.p.A. Italy Rome
2 Inovil *WINNER* Inovil SA Switzerland Lausanne
2 Conversion in Chartres Q-Park France France Chatres
2 Toulon - Peiresc Marché - a global city concept Q-Park France France Toulon
3 Milan: Parking and Mobility Eco System *WINNER* Azienda Transporti Milanesi S.p.A. Italy Milan
 Shortlist Categories 4 and 5 Awards 2021
cat project name Company country city
4 TELPARK - From parking to mobility EMPARK Spain Madrid
4 Partnerships - digital innovative mobility solutions *WINNER* Q-Park Belgium Belgium Zaventem
4 First in-car parking app for Android Automotive by EasyPark for Polestar EasyPark AB Sweden Stockholm
5 Nos van a Falta Horas  EMPARK Spain Madrid
5 Car Park Magic ASESGA Spain Madrid
5 LiveSommer2020 *WINNER* APCOA PARKING Holdings GmbH Germany Stuttgart
 Shortlist Categories 4 and 5 Awards 2022
cat project name Company country city
4 Mon-Marche.fr logistics hubs in INDIGO underground car parks *WINNER* Indigo Park France Paris
4 London North Eastern Railway (LNER) Car Parks Hub Parking Technology  UK York
4 Q-Park Park Lane Mobility Hub Q-Park Limited UK London
5 MUVIN: Urban Mobility Solution S.I.S. Segnaletica Industriala Stradale S.r.l. Italy Corciano
5 INDIGO Group Sustainable development brochure 2021 *WINNER* INDIGO Park France Puteaux/La Défense


Initially the EPA Award was supposed to be given out in the year 2021 during the 20th EPA Congress & Exhibition which was planned to take place in October 2021 in Brussels, Belgium. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the event was postponed to September 12-14, 2022 and thus the EPA Award ceremony was postponed to the year 2022 as well.

Depending on the category of entry two different procedures were implemented.

For categories 1, 2 and 3 the submission deadline was extended to January 17, 2022 and new submissions were accepted in the competition in addition to the entries which have been submitted before the initial deadline on January 18, 2021.

For the categories 4 and 5 the deadline for the EPA Award 2021 was not extended. Instead, a separate competition for the year 2022 was opened and this means that category 4 and 5 were subdivided into EPA Award 2021 and EPA Award 2022. Both of the groups of finalists for each category received the EPA Awards during the ceremony at the Congress in 2022. It was decided to open a separate competition with a deadline in January 2022, because the fields of “Innovation” and “Marketing” are very dynamic.

EPA has issued a Position Paper defining the services that are key to creating clean urban mobility solutions and attractive city centers by improving the quality of life for inhabitants and visitors. The evaluation of the EPA Award entries will also be assessed on the basis of the elements described in the Position Paper.