ESPA On-Street Test Phase

The On-street European Standard Parking Award (ESPA On-Street) is being established by the European Parking Association as an award for excellence in on-street parking regulation systems.  

The award ensures the quality of service in regulated on-street controlled parking zones by establishing a set of minimum standards for a good basic quality in the system and its services.

In order to make the award accessible for all types of regulation systems, the preliminary test is now open for those organizations/institutions that want to apply for the ESPA On-Street Award. EPA will review the assessment forms and questionnaires received from all participants to make the award better.

EPA will then formally approve the new standard which will be introduced at the 18th EPA congress in Rotterdam, September 20-22, 2017.

Download 1: Information about ESPA – On street Award

Download 2: Assessment Form (not compatible with Excel versions 2007 and previous)

Download 3: Auditor’s bag (for information only- do not send it in the test phase)

Please send the assessment form to the following contact of EPA by email: Maria Roman Hernandez

Please give your feedback by filling in this Questionnaire

Deadline for test entries: 30 January 2017